the dogtrot

well, gunna hafta stay in krasnoyarsk a day longer than we wanted, but we knew this’d happen along the way. that’s the goes of buying railway tickeys town-by-town.

itll be another night in hotel the shining.

so be it. seems like an innocuous enough town. not a lot to do but drink and eat. just like any strange place. see a couple fuckin things, then what? we were thinking this until last night when we saw some droog chase down and retrieve his lady’s purse from a snatcher he knocked to the ground and within five minutes we saw another guy already on palsy forearm crutches get smacked over by a van. both in a block of our hotel. damn, we sed, gotta be alert to shit.

russians, for the most part, look like methheads. lotta thin droogs with buggy-eyed hatchet faces and girls that base their hairstyles on joan jett and lita ford. dye-jobs galore. hair fried to the consistancy of barn hay, by the look of it, looks like theyre sportin wigs. i dunno, maybe they are. you do get those big meaty ruskis, though. big fucken dangerous-lookin droogs. giant hands and crewcuts and hardlined faces. and the thick old babushkas drinking vodka in a cafe. kinda like the mexican community, the womens are petite when theyre young, but cos they eat like shit, they soon balloon with age. tough old broads, they look like.

seen much more beer than vodka. don’t get me wrong, vodka bottles are everywhere, so someone’s drinkin it. but j. sed she read somewhere that it could be argued that russia has more of a beer culture than a vodka culture. still, i’ve seen more vodka drinking than i have in a long time.

more expensive than you’d figure, as well. a good salary in this town is supposedly US$1000/month, but fuck if some place charged us 15 dollars for 2 goddamn sausages last night!! what is rent here like $100/month?? shit is retarded. they show you the dish on the menu with a price next to it, but price is like per 100 grams or something. and what, youre s’posed to guess how much you meal will weigh before you order?! fucking bullshit. and the place was packed with eurotrash mail order whores. whatev. we still aint figured their system out, but so long as we stick to hole-in-the-wall places, i think we’ll be better off. and another place charged us six-mutherfucking-dollars for two fucking cans of coke!! - so just met this brit chick in the net cafe who is living here a few months studying russian, teaching english. she’s all, oh i can tell you the best place in town to eat, it’s the best!  is it cheap? cos we’re finding a lot of places in town of way overpriced.  oh yeah. it’s the place i always bring english people if i want them to be impressed by russian food.   she busts out a map to show me and of course it’s the clip joint. kalinka malinka, she sez it’s called. yeah, i remember the name rhymed. ugh. // but really, if the fucking slice of cake is 40 rubles per 100 grams WHY DONT YOU FUCKING WEIGH IT BEFORE YOU DISPLAY IT?!?!!! you have to weigh it anyway dont you? i have to guess how much money im gunna spend?? fucking rooskitards. go back to the 80s.

anyway, so far i liked china better. we’re on a fucking budget for christ’s sake.

more later-

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